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wes-dawn-coyour01Wes Coyour began his singing career at the age of five in front of the filled pews of his local church. He has been writing songs for the past 35 years, recorded three albums, and is currently working on many new songs, recording and video projects.

Traveling around the country, Wes and Dawn, his wife and business manager, share his inspirational music. Frequently joining them on the road are Wes’s Mom on keyboards and Dad, the “whistler”.

Wes’s music is unique in that it fulfills a “commissioning” of sorts, by his Grandpa Earl’s final words, which inspired both the song and name of our mission, Remember the Love of the Family, a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization. Twenty-five years later, Wes and Dawn set out to share this message of hope through the songs and stories

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