“You’re religious, aren’t you?”

One year ago God placed us in a new neighborhood in Florida… a new mission field. So many wonderful people full of kindness, generosity, life stories, hurts, disappointments, challenges. And many in need of encouragement, help, and God’s love!

We have been blessed with the opportunity to do music at a few of the potluck gatherings which has been extremely well received. Like folks everywhere, our new neighbors are hungry for gathering, friendship, unity, hope, and GOOD NEWS in a time of precious little good in the news.

Thanks to God’s unbelievable love, kindness, and grace, we specialize in good news! And not only music, but a number of other friendly get-togethers, opportunities to help neighbors with chores, listen, and share our life stories and testimonies. We know God lead us here for such a time as this!

Since the covid shutdown, it has been a slow train coming and a shift in our outreach. Besides our new neighborhood opportunities, senior living places are definitely on the rise, but we remain ready for any opportunities set before us!

One additional blessing to us and others was having Wes’ mom (Bev) play the keyboard with us for a small Easter gathering. After two strokes and a broken wrist last year, Mom keeps on ticking! 🙂

Oh yeah, back to that opening line … our mission is only about a personal relationship with Jesus!  But if “religious” is another way of saying: loving your neighbor, showing kindness, compassion, forgiveness, grace, mercy and the joy, peace and love of God, then I guess we’ll leave it be.

Once again, from the deepest place in our hearts, THANK YOU for your loving prayers and support! Everywhere we go and every heart we touch we do it together! You are a gift from God!

In His Love, your musicianaries,



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