“Build it one block higher.”

I distinctly remember God impressing that on my mind and now I know why…

pic-2-captionAs you may have seen on our Facebook posts, we just had significant flooding here at our cabin home. The lakeshore came up 50 feet until it was at our front wall, and high winds had the waves lapping at the block foundation. Had we not built it “one block higher”, the flood waters would have reached our wooden floor system and created a costly mess. But it didn’t! All thanks be to God!

As this scene unfolded, we reflected back five years ago when we rebuilt this little cabin home. We are sharing this story again as it expresses the very heart of this mission that is Remember the Love of the Family.

In late August 2011, I (Wes) had a construction accident while rebuilding our cabin home, which lead to three surgeries within 10 days and months of hobbling, praying, questioning — “What is the purpose in all this? I can live without the toe, but I don’t want to miss the lesson.”

pic-3In early November God impressed this message upon my heart. “I have allowed this ‘missing big toe’ so each day when you look down at your feet, you will be reminded
of the mission I have given you and Dawn, Remember the Love of the Family. Your foot is what more and more families are looking like to Me; there is no leadership, no protector, and no God. It is clearly not how I designed families to be; they are crumbling and falling apart because of it.

But rather than mourn the loss of your toe, mourn with Me for the family and then take heart, sharing the hope, healing, and encouragement found in Me. Love the families back to Me through the stories, music, and ministry I have entrusted to you, ‘turning the hearts of the parent to the children and the hearts of the children to the parents.’ As long as you remain faithful to me and to the mission I have called you, I will remain faithful to you, protecting, providing and blessing you.”

Here is a short video clip of the lake flooding over YouTube Flooded Lake Clip. Remember to come back and check out the highlights below of our summer!


pic-5pic-6TEISHA:  I really enjoyed going to the Vermilion Reservation during their pow wow.  We worked alongside another ministry team through serving meals, clean up, crafts and then wrapped it all up with music and an outreach for the kids!


What a divine appointment getting an invite to sing and share at “Cherrywood Village” in Portland, Oregon, this summer while we were visiting our kids in Seattle. Thank you so much Chaplain Mick and LaVon!

pic-9When’s the last time you’ve been to an old fashioned, family style, all ages, church service? Well that’s what we shared at one of our favorite places on the planet, “The Journey Church” in Nisswa, MN, shown doing the “Wave of Love” with us.

Gratitude overwhelms our hearts because your faithfulness, encouragement, and generosity have supported us through the challenging times as well as rejoicing with us in the victories!

Serving together with you,


Wes, Dawn, Bev, Nick & Teisha

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