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Note From Mother

This collection was inspired by Wes' song Note From Mother. It truly embodies the idea of living and leaving a family legacy. Leo's mother Hilda, during a very uncertain illness, left a note for him (as he was deployed in Germany at that time) which said in closing, "Let's not one of us be missing there", speaking about heaven. Leo lived a life that was always pointing himself and others toward this eternal destination.

Watch this special extended cut of the music video for “Note From Mother”. You will see how Leo's mother passed her faith on down the line and then Leo passed it along to his children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. After watching the video, explore the weekly discussions. Take your time with them and reflect on them throughout the week. Building and restoring families can take time: don't rush, seek God, have patience and pray! Enjoy this collection and come back to it as often as you need to.