December 2015 header

Friends are a gift, family my treasure,
and knowing I am loved by God can’t be measured…

© Wes Coyour’s song “Life’s Been Good”

That is the essence of Christmas! It is also the essence of Remember the Love of the Family . . . simply . . . build friendships, revive faith where it has died, plant hope where there is none, exchange sadness for joy, encourage the weary ones, and ultimately expand God’s family.
As musicianaries, our heart’s desire is to shine God’s love whenever we get an invitation. Pic 1Already this fall we’ve had concerts ranging from an
Alzheimer’s Support Group, a Hymn Sing, assisted living folks and bunches of energetic kids (about 300 so far with many more scheduled through the winter).

Pic 2On the other end of the spectrum, we are grateful Nick and Teisha have partnered with us and are thankful for their computer expertise because we are “technologically challenged”.

Teisha has been a great help to us in many areas and would also like to begin writing/ blogging to her peers on some practical ways to improve family relationships.

Nick has been creating the “family legacy video”, which continues to evolve with new facets, thus delaying the release date. He is also producing new multi-media presentations for concerts and the internet.

The potential to expand our reach to new generations is endless, but will require more time commitment from Nick and Teisha . . . WE NEED YOUR HELP to achieve this goal.

Would you prayerfully consider giving a monthly gift or a special year-end offering?

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Your musicianaries to the U.S.,

Wes, Dawn, Bev, Nick & Teisha



JESUS! God’s ultimate FAMILY gift of love!