Happy One Year RF Anniversary Nick and Teisha!!!

Q. What do you think, being “insiders” with Remember the Love of the Family for a year now?

N: Being an “official” part of Remember the Love of the Family for the past year has been an eye- opening and learning experience. Creating inspiring videos is a passion of mine. Over the past 10 years, I’ve created dozens of videos and visual presentations for Remember the Love of the Family, both for live performances and the internet. Click on these samples below:

T: It’s been fun! I like that we are all involved as a family. Our girls join in at concerts with actions, hand motions, and playing the maracas! I’m especially excited about our new Family Legacy Series. (see below)

Q: What do you see differently?

N: It has been good to participate first-hand at concert events, and observe how the music and videos impact people in a positive way.

Q: How has it helped your vision for the future?

N: It gives me insight for creating future videos and powerpoint to connect with kids of ALL ages to build and strengthen families.

Q: Any final thoughts?

N: I look forward to the next year ahead and how we can continue to grow and step further into each of our individual roles.

T: I can’t wait to see what we do next in the years to come. We are learning and helping in new ways everyday.  I’m looking forward to blogging more and continuing the sequels to the Family Legacy Series.

We’re celebrating their one year anniversary with this innovative, FIRST COLLECTION in the Family Legacy Series: “Note From Mother”, which is a 4 week small group family building tool. Nick did the video and layout for this study and Teisha researched, developed and wrote the content based on Wes’ song “Note From Mother”. Simply open it up to access encouragement (songs, stories, videos and discussions) that will help your small group learn how to begin to build a healthier family as God intended!

“Remember the Love” (Wes’ song on which this mission outreach is based) will be the next study in the Family Legacy series and will be released later this year.

To gain FREE access to this series, simply click the following link to join our e-mail list: https://rememberfamily.org/email-sign-up/  If you’re already on our e-mail list you will have received access in your latest newsletter.

Nick and Teisha’s commitment and their labor of love alongside us in this mission has multiplied our reach and vision beyond our expectations. We are grateful to God and anticipating his divine wisdom and direction over each of our individual roles and through our team this coming year.

Thank you for the way you’ve been with us in prayer, love, friendship and support this year!



Wes, Dawn, Bev, Nick & Teisha

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