It’s not your average lifestyle for a couple in their 60’s … 

but it’s been an incredible ride for 13 years

Remember the Love of the Family’s outreach is unique in that we never charge a fee (thus musicianaries), which opens the door for many opportunities that may otherwise go unreached. This journey as musicianaries has taken us from churches to RV parks, shut-ins to family reunions, and senior living communities to public elementary schools (Good News Clubs with Child Evangelism Fellowship). 

Wes and Dawn are the founders, but our team has always been larger. Wes’s parents have been with us for nearly the whole duration; Bev plays keyboards and Leo was our roadie for years, even after his stroke. Our son, Nick, provides all of our visual video accompaniment and the majority of our music soundtracks. Two granddaughters have sung backup vocals with Wes both live and on recordings. One of our grandsons has created unbelievable stop motion animation Lego videos for some of the songs, which amazes and entertains the kids and adults alike.

The past nine months have been especially challenging with Wes’s health issues. In January he had severe pain in his stomach and back and was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in his GI tract, which also affected his liver. This has been a very slow physical healing process as he begins to regain his strength and energy.  BUT more importantly, God has used this time for us to refocus spiritually on all that HE has in store for us.

In June, Wes’s mom, Bev, accompanied us on the Vermilion mission trip to play keyboards as we presented our music program for the Native Americans. She also played keyboards with us as we did our worship service at a recent family reunion.

Currently we are gearing up for the fall season with a new program and videos. And Lord willing, Bev intends to go with us.

We are extremely humbled and blessed by your kindness and support, making it possible for us to continue sharing God’s love and good news of the Gospel through music and then following up with prayer and ongoing encouragement and communication to any who express the need.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and especially for Wes’s health.  Prayer is always at the heart of all we do!

Your servants, partners, and musicianaries to the U.S.,




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