We often see middlemen as scam artists. The ones who get money but don’t do anything. We began a small business of buying and reselling. We go to stores and garage sales to look for products to sell that will make a profit. We found some games recently.  We bought them for $2.50 and we are selling them online for $9.99. They are selling like hotcakes. The reason they are selling so well is that normally they cost anywhere from $16.99 – $19.99. What a deal that we can sell them so cheap. The reason we can sell them so cheap is because we received them so cheap.

Our pastor did a sermon about how we are blessed to be a blessing. We are all middlemen. We receive life, money, job, peace, knowledge, talents, encouraging words etc. from God and we are blessed to be able to bless others using these resources. His question was, “How much do you keep? How much do you use for yourself and how much do you give?”  It’s your choice. You are the middleman.

This world will try to tempt you to use ALL of your “resources” for yourself. Just like Satan in Genesis 3:5. He said that when you eat the fruit you will be like God. He was tempting her to do something for herself with the resources that God gave her. Not only that, but also using them in a way that they were not intended to be used.

One thing that I’ve learned about being a middleman, or middle-wo-man, with our online business is that you are giving access to these products that the person may not have had before you put them for sale. People all around the world can buy my product online but only a handful can go into my local store and purchase the same products that I purchased.  It’s that same with the resources that God has given you. If you don’t use your skills to help another, they might not have access to that skill or gift. If you do not give, a missionary might not be able to go overseas to help another. If you do not share that encouraging word, someone might live in discouragement for even longer. If no one tells someone about Jesus, they might not ever hear.

Middleman. Scam artist or blessing? I choose blessing.

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