On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian pummeled our neighborhood for 8 hours, according to two couples who rode out the storm. Ian posed a significant diversion in our ministry, and hurricane disaster relief has been nearly a full-time job for almost five months. With your generous gifts, items such as tarps, gloves, construction materials, and other cleaning items were purchased. Initially, tarping roofs and clearing yard debris such as roofs, shingles, twisted aluminum, tree branches, mangled buildings, and ruined furniture was our priority. Replacing and rebuilding the homes and buildings destroyed by Ian has been ongoing. 

Another concern was meeting our neighbors’ needs, particularly the elderly, by bringing groceries and cooking and baking for shared meals. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, only two doors down, James and AnChe became first-time parents and requested guidance and support regarding concerns about their newborn daughter.

We now can see how God lead us to this area when we moved, but we didn’t realize that our neighborhood would become our new, expanded mission field.

Prayer request #1: UNITY

Stress levels have been high since Ian, and there is much diversity in our neighborhood; many are unsaved, including atheists and Mormons, with only a handful of Believers who need support and encouragement. 

As mentioned before, covid brought a screeching halt to our music programs in the PUBLIC schools, assisted living homes, and other venues; but thankfully, we were invited to perform at a handful of private events. Only now are the music opportunities starting to reopen. This past Friday, March 17, we had the opportunity to sing for a group that we haven’t seen in three years. 





Prayer request #2:  MUSIC OUTREACH

We’re trusting and praying God will continue to open both old and new doors, beginning right here in our own neighborhood.

Thank you for your prayers, friendship, and partnership.




Wes & Dawn Coyour 

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